Jelena Milovanovic


Areas: Translation (Russian, English, Serbian), Business Development, Intellectual property (contentious and non-contentious)

Jelena Milovanovic is a client relations and business development manager.

She has been with “Motsnyi Legal Services/STANDMARK” since the very beginning (January 2011).

Jelena obtained master’s degree in Russian language and literature from Belgrade university and she has been also been dealing with various IP matters including trademarks, domain names and international IP projects in multiple jurisdictions, including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, US and the EU.

Jelena has extensive experience in interpreting and translating from Russian into Serbian, and vice versa, during business negotiations between Russian, Ukrainian and Serbian companies including companies from the following areas of business: engineering, software, law, agriculture and bee keeping.

She has also been participating both as organizer and attendee in a number of international conferences in Russia, Serbia, France, Spain, including the annual conference of the ISDEF (Independent Software Developers Forum) association in Saint-Petersburg and Belgrade; INTA’s Europe conferences in Paris and Madrid.

When it comes to Intellectual Property, Jelena’s activities are rather broad and relate to support of the clients, including the following areas:trademark searches, assistance in preparing responses to the provisional refuses in various jurisdictions, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and EU, research and investigation related to the trademark infringements, preparation of documents for TM registration, TM assignment and license, domain names issues, including assistance with domain name disputes and assistance with other matters related to the trademarks and IP in various jurisdictions.

Jelena is a native Serbian speaker and is fluent in Russian and English languages.

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