Intellectual Property

  • Assistance on all issues relating to copyright and related rights, trademarks, patents and know – how
  • Assistance on all aspects of copyright, including contracts, negotiations and copyright enforcement and litigation
  • IP transactions including franchising and licensing
  • IP due diligence
  • Advice on Intellectual Property created by employees and independent contractors

Trademark registration and other trademark related matters

  • Trademark registration including prior search, advice on trademark registration, trademark prosecution from filing an application till receiving a trademark registration certificate
  • Trademark cancellation
  • Trademark infringement
  • All other issues related to the use of trademark (renewal, amendment of trademark registration, recordal of trademark assignment and license agreements with the Russian IP Office, etc)
  • International trademark registration (registration via the Madrid system or directly with foreign trademark offices)

Computer software

  • Negotiation and drafting of software development agreements, outsourcing and cloud computing
  • Advice on software distribution, negotiation and drafting of various software related agreements including services agreements, software distribution, reseller and license agreements
  • Advice on tax related issues in software transactions including application of Russian VAT exemption for certain software transactions

Information technology and personal data protection

  • Advice on Internet related transactions including IP and services agreements
  • Advice on all Internet related issues
  • Compliance with Russian personal data legislation, preparation of documents necessary for compliance with Russian personal data law, cross-border transfer of personal data, processing of personal data in Russia and associated legal and factual risks

Tax law

  • We will assist you on all tax issues relating to IP transactions including payment of royalties, application of double taxation treaties, analysis of relevant tax risks, software distribution and licensing and other commercialization of IP, tax structuring and all other tax law issues

Legal support in Serbia

  • Assistance in Serbia


We operate on the basis of hourly rates and in some cases can offer a cap

For most of trademark related matters we offer a flat fee and unlike many other firms
do not normally charge any hourly rates.

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© Copyright 2014
(part of SM Legal Group)
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